Life Without a Witness


One day, Cheryl realized that God did not see, hear, or know her. In fact, she realized no one sees, hears, or knows her! She was totally alone, living life without a witness. She was terrified and relieved. This realization eventually led her to question and challenge all forms of authority from societal, religious, and cultural power structures to the personal ideas she held about her place in these structures. This is a unique talk with an investigative tone where Cheryl invites you to ask questions; not to answer them, but to allow room for the answers to naturally emerge. The aim is not to coerce you into a different point of view but to invite you to exercise your ability to relax your focus, rest in their own authority, and see more clearly.


Cheryl Abram is a working mother of 4 children, a spiritual author, and an inspiring speaker. Cheryl has been a popular guest on numerous national and international internet radio and video programmings such as Buddha at The Gas Pump, Enlightening Radio, The Humanist Hour, and Nonduality Talk Radio. Cheryl has also been featured in several online spiritual and mental health magazines such as One The Magazine, Patheos, and PsychCentral. Firing God is Cheryl’s debut book and is a unique, contemporary, fresh, and courageous view of this movement we call existence. Her other books are Tales from Eternity: Armageddon, Orgasms, Kittens, and Gravity. Fun and Entertaining Pointers to Truth (the prequel to Firing God), and Longing to Learn: Bringing a Sense of Delight and Freedom Back to Training and Development in the Workplace.