No-Thing is Happening


Words cannot express or describe what we are because the words are It. And so we really can’t talk about anything because talking about it implies that what you seek is somewhere else other than Here and Now, which is simply This as it is. The good news is is that we are already what we are looking for and anything that tells you differently is a lie. You have never stopped being That, you have never left nor are you separate from the Totality, because you are the Totality. How far do you need to look when you are already everything?

So what can we do at these talks? What can happen? What we can do is try to look at and deconstruct the conceptual structure that has been carefully and painstakingly built in our minds about what we are. We can look and we can share and the recognition may arise that you are already what you are looking for, you are already That and anything that tells you differently has to be a lie.


My Name is Donna Diemer. I am 57 years old and I live in Ohio in the USA. I started my ‘spiritual’ journey as a child finding myself drawn to Jesus and the Saints knowing there was something very special about them. I was introduced to my first guru, Prem Rawat, when I was 19 years old at which time I became a seeker of enlightenment. In my early 20s I experienced my body and the entire universe and phenomenal world disappearing and spontaneously there was an unspoken Knowingness that a loving energy was the Source of all and all that Is and that Is not. I reached out to many people to try and understand what happened as my Guru was not easily accessible due to his popularity. All I knew was that I, Donna, was not doing anything and I was not apart from it either. After 35 years of intense seeking I came upon Advaita and Nonduality teachings and pointings starting with Mooji in 2014. Shortly after I was introduced to Ananta Garg, Andreas Mueller, Sailor Bob, Wayne Liquorman, Paul Hedderman and many more on the web and through books. Mooji and Ananta reminded me of the unconditional love I once felt. Tony Parsons left ‘me’ with nothing! Sailor Bob showed me that I am the Awareness expressing as the I Am. Wayne Liquorman answered so many questions about daily living reminding me that all there is is Consciousness and Consciousness is all there is. And Paul Hedderman gave me his time and hung out with me and showed me that awakening is very ordinary and that I am the Lion taking myself to be a sheep. In the last few months Sailor Bob encouraged me to start sharing. This Conference will be my first public appearance.