Ilona Ciunaite was born in Lithuania. Always interested in the mind and how it works, she has a degree in psychology and a mind-set to focus on freedom.

Ilona’s search for truth started in 2002 when for the first time she experienced silence of the thinking mind, peace that felt like home. The search ended 8 years later with the question, “is there Ilona running the show?” The separate self was seen to be an illusion.

In September 2011, the Liberation Unleashed website and forum was launched — a global community of volunteer guides. Her book “Liberation Unleashed” was published in 2016 and is filled with pointers, exercises and conversations that lead to finding one’s true nature.

Ilona invites seekers to question their fundamental assumptions and to find answers in their own experience. Ciunaite holds live and online meetings, she works with groups and privately.