Jac O’Keeffe is a spiritual teacher with a unique style. Her teachings cultivate wisdom, honesty and integrity. She exposes taboos that are usually avoided in spiritual circles and encourages conversations around issues that are fundamental to human experience: money, sex, & power. Her books include Born to Be Free and How to Be a Spiritual Rebel.

Jac abides in her humanness while having transcended her human state. Jac’s work is driven by her capacity to envision the possible future of spirituality. She speaks about the required evolution of both teachers and methods to impart teachings to make spirituality relevant and applicable to regular life.

In her teachings, Jac offers insights and skills so that every student is empowered in their own inner exploration. She helps them cultivate inner autonomy and encourages them to take responsibility in both their spiritual and human evolution.

Jac is also a founder of the Association for Spiritual Integrity (ASI). The ASI is a charitable organization that encourages and supports spiritual leaders (all traditions) to engage in their own ongoing personal and professional growth. It strives to increase ethical standards and promote transparency among spiritual teachers.

Currently living in the United States, Jac has made her home on the coast of Florida with her husband Derek. She swims in the Atlantic and tends her prolific vegetable garden. Jac has been featured in various publications, interviews, podcasts and documentaries.