Miranda’s Dreamsongs


These recordings are from online posts and an upcoming book of my reflections of this dream of life. Some were written while on tour with a performance troupe through Eastern Europe and others at a silent retreat in the woods. They are not intended as teachings or the words of an enlightened sage, simply love letters from this edgeless, boundless dream of being that enfolds us all in its inseparable mystery. Tales of This, written in my heart, which is your heart, the heart of life and love. I offer these dreamsongs as portraits of the miracle of apparent human experience, and it is my gift to share them with any who are kind enough to grace me with their attention.


My past seems like the remembrance of a character in a novel, or the lingering emotions of a vaguely remembered dream upon waking. In the story of my life, I have been a dancer and choreographer and now am a caretaker for a property in a remote European woodland that is sometimes a setting for small retreats. I was born in United States and have lived the last several years in Europe.

In the timestory, in 2011, at the age of 21, a dramatic shift in my awareness seemed to occur. The world of separate people and things, including me, appeared to meld into a seamless whole with all the definitions and meanings of thoughts and beliefs falling away. I assumed it was a serious mental illness, as it was shattering at first, but that soon gave way to a feeling of sublime peace and awe and wonderment. I still imagined if there was an explanation it was that I had gone insane, but life felt so profoundly vivid and beautiful, even as it was no longer personal, that I was fine with being a madwoman. That feeling of awe, wonder and peace remains unchanged a decade later.

I wrote a friend about this shortly after it happened, and he sent me videos from people who talked of something called nonduality. I had never heard the word, but It seemed to resonate deeply with what I was perceiving and feeling. Several years later I began writing about my experiences and perceptions.