Naho’s message shares simply the very nature of non-duality, which is very powerful and defies illusion; it can only be called love. 

For the past 5 years, Naho has been busy sharing her message in Japan. Much of her time was spent at the temples of the world’s most renowned buddhists where she is asked to share. 

The message of giving nothing is the apparent power of her message which can be sensed and results often in a deep relaxation and openness. Beyond her appearance, emptiness and lightness can be sensed. This is not information, this is an energetic sharing that is beyond knowing. 
It is because it is coming from joy and emptiness which is resonating. This is not only a talk, but an energy (love) that permeates.

This pure and energetic message is now available in other countries, as Naho is residing in both France and Japan and travels around the world.  

Naho has three published non-duality books in Japanese and one in English.